About MICS Radio

Our Story

What is MICS?

MICS Radio is the brainchild of Joe George Micallef - a musician who has played in all corners of the globe. After settling in Malta, he married Diane, from Yorkshire, and together they had 4 children. The Micallef siblings are known by another name, Firelight, and have represented Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014.

MICS Radio is committed to air programmes about places of interest and the history of Rabat and other places in Malta, education, and literature as well as other programmes dealing with legal, health, and home reform matters.

Our team of dedicated volunteers give their precious time to provide a high standard radio station which is both vibrant and current.

Apart from delivering great programmes for all ages, we also offer to teach children to read and play music for free. Learn More


The concept behind this station is to create a working environment to develop people with skills and ability that can be used in the media.

Who are we?

We are a group of volunteers working hard to provide a high quality radio station and high quality education. Join Us!