What we offer


Our aim is to bring new artists, singers, songwriters, bands, in all genres of music, from all over. We also would like to attract music publishers, music supervisors, filmmakers, advertisement agents, tv shows who need music and share ideas with us with all their needs. We try to create events where everybody will be welcome to show us their talent, there will be links of news and interviews with others who want to share seminars of workshops about song writing and the business of the music industry.

Services and Facilities

Our services will provide help for all newcomers who write good songs and we will provide recording to high standard in our facilities and on-site equipment. We will allow you and your company to stream events, film live performances, and interviews, record adverts, and create youtube content

There will be highly professional personnel, high speed fibre optic internet, a sound and video production studio, and a 100m2 acoustic designed video/sound recording room, overlooked by a 30m2 sound control room and a 20m2 video production studio. Malta needs a place to encourage and help next generation artists establish their creativity in a professional way.

This project and its basic concept, is aimed towards education in the music industry, for anyone who wants to take part of this opportunity.

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